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Recent Notifications/Meetings/Letters
Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP)
The concept of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan was envisaged by the Planning Commission of India at the time of formulation of Sixth Five Year Plan (1980-85).....
State Notifications/Letters/Policy Decisions
  • Recommendations of Cabinet Sub-Committee for streamlining and strengthening the working of the Department of Welfare and to review the schemes falling under Special Component Plan. read more..
SCA Programme

Special Central Assistance is an additive to the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) ........
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20 Point Programme

The 20 Point Programme (TPP) was launched by the Government of India in the year 1975.
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GOI Guidelines
  • Consolidated Guidelines for formulation, implementation and monitoring of Special Component Plan for the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plan for Scheduled Tribes.

  •
Empowerment of SC Women/Girls

    The condition of women varies from State to State across the country. read more..

SC Population in Punjab